Combinatorics: Ancient & Modern por Robin Wilson, John Watkins

Titulo del libro : Combinatorics: Ancient & Modern
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 26, 2015
Autor : Robin Wilson, John Watkins
Número de páginas : 392
ISBN : 0198739052
Editor : Oxford University Press, USA
Combinatorics: Ancient & Modern por Robin    Wilson, John Watkins

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Robin Wilson, John Watkins con Combinatorics: Ancient & Modern

Who first presented Pascal's triangle? (It was not Pascal.)
Who first presented Hamiltonian graphs? (It was not Hamilton.)
Who first presented Steiner triple systems? (It was not Steiner.)
The history of mathematics is a well-studied and vibrant area of research, with books and scholarly articles published on various aspects of the subject. Yet, the history of combinatorics seems to have been largely overlooked. This book goes some way to redress this and serves two main

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