Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian por Francis M. Naumann

Titulo del libro : Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian
Autor : Francis M. Naumann
Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian por Francis M. Naumann

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Francis M. Naumann con Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian

Críticas An odd but consistently engaging text about academic mentorship, about art, about art history, about writing, about ageing, about illness, about artists and about being successful and self-confident in New York in the second half of the twentieth century. It's an unexpected pleasure. [...] This is undeniably an enjoyable book, full of humour and personality and a real sense of all the various people who mean a lot to Naumann. It's an easy, warm, unpatronising read and - entering it with no pre-conceptions at all - thoroughly enjoyable! - Scott Manley Hadley, Triumph of the Now [A]t heart, Mentors is an accessible and richly detailed celebration of intense cross-generational exchanges between individuals who champion and challenge each other. Naumann's cogent and open communicative style, and his personal and professional integrity, should be inspirational and valuable to all, for Mentors is an encounter with a fine and fiercely exacting mind. - Hyperallergic ""Naumann's writing is entertaining and authentic. He sings the praises of those who formed his own character as well as embraces their flaws. From the bordellos to the classrooms and from high rises to high on the hills of France and Italy, this story offers a unique and riveting view into the world of art history and the people therein."" - Seattle Book Review, 4.5 stars Reseña del editor A surprising and revealing memoir populated with art historians, art influencers, and the former lover and lifelong friend of Marcel Duchamp, Beatrice Wood. Francis M. Naumann, a distinguished expert on Dada and Marcel Duchamp reflects upon his mentors, including Leo Steinberg, John Rewald, and perhaps his greatest influence: Beatrice Wood, a renowned ceramic artist and one of the most prominent participants in New York Dada. Wood set Naumann upon a course of original research that would define him, but also provided a moral platform for what an art historian could be. Artwork by Kathleen Gilje; French flaps. Ver Descripción del producto

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