Tactical Handgun: Israeli Combat Shooting por BK Blankchtein

Titulo del libro : Tactical Handgun: Israeli Combat Shooting
Autor : BK Blankchtein
Tactical Handgun: Israeli Combat Shooting por BK Blankchtein

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BK Blankchtein con Tactical Handgun: Israeli Combat Shooting

Reseña del editor Israeli Combat Shooting described by a former Israeli Military NCO, as taught to thousands of police officers, military personnel, and security professionals worldwide. The author takes the reader through the history, methodologies, and training progressions of Israeli Combat Shooting. This system has been effectively implemented and used by Israeli military, police, and security services, as well as American and European agencies. Biografía del autor Recognized as an expert in protective services, institutional and corporate security consulting, tactical planning, and instruction, Tzviel “BK” Blankchtein brings a wealth of global experience to his engagements. Spending four years on active duty with the Israeli Defense Forces, BK underwent extensive training in amphibious assaults and undercover intelligence/counterintelligence operations in hostile and austere environments. Following his tour with an additional 17 years as a reservist, BK was schooled in leading-edge defense strategies for maintaining territorial integrity and combatting terrorist attacks. BK holds an Undergraduate Degree in Counterterrorism and a Graduate Degree in Security Management. He is an active law-enforcement officer, trainer, and tactical medic.

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