What's the Count? (English Edition) por Tom Dodd

Titulo del libro : What's the Count? (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 18, 2013
Autor : Tom Dodd
Número de páginas : 85
Editor : eBookIt.com
What's the Count? (English Edition) por Tom Dodd

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Tom Dodd con What's the Count? (English Edition)

'What's the Count?' provides mental plans for pitchers and hitters to help them succeed in the game of fast pitch softball. It teaches players how to think the game and sway the odds of success to their favor. If you play baseball the plans and principles presented in 'What's the Count?' will help you succeed also, because the mental plans for the pitcher and hitter are the same in both sports.

This book guides players towards success in softball and baseball by providing plans for them to gain an advantage in the on going battles between the pitcher and the hitter. A victory in these battles is the key to an individual's success at the game. It is also typically the key to a team's success, because the outcome of any game is usually determined by who wins most of these battles. 'What's the Count?' gives players plans to consistently gain the advantage in these battles. This book is about getting the advantage, knowing when you have it, and using it to succeed. It provides a mental map for players to succeed in softball much like a road map provides people with a way to succeed in finding an unknown destination. Without this map, or plan, you can easily get lost, whether it's on the road or in a softball competition. The mental plans in this book guide players towards success in softball by showing them methods to gain this advantage. If you are a pitcher they show you how to keep and increase the advantage you start with at the beginning of each at bat. If you are a hitter they show you what is required to take the advantage away from the pitcher and gain it for yourself.

Whether you are a pitcher or a hitter, knowledge and execution of the mental plans provided in 'What's the Count?' can be the difference maker in separating you from the competition. Using these plans will help you raise your level of play, attain your highest potential, and provide you with an edge to consistently prevail over your competition on the field regardless of your age or ability level.

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