James Cavalier 175 Riders Instruction Handbook 1958 (English Edition) por Mixy Wright

Titulo del libro : James Cavalier 175 Riders Instruction Handbook 1958 (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 20, 2017
Autor : Mixy Wright
James Cavalier 175 Riders Instruction Handbook 1958 (English Edition) por Mixy Wright

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Mixy Wright con James Cavalier 175 Riders Instruction Handbook 1958 (English Edition)

This book is a companion for the James Cavalier 175, it covers: General Information, frame and engine numbers, the machine and the law, to register a new machine, speedometer, lamps. Controls: Filler cap, fuel tap, air shutter, tickler, throttle twist grip, kick starter, clutch lever, gear change pedal, front brake lever, rear brake pedal, ignition switch, lighting switch, dipswitch. Riding: Fuel, starting, failure to start, errors in starting, on the road, stopping, riding in traffic, running-in. Road Craft. Lubrication: Engine, petroil mixture, gearbox, primary chaincase, front forks, rear suspension, hubs and steering head, cycle parts, rear chain. Recommended Lubricants. Maintenance Schedule: Front fork, fork data, maintenance, dismantling fork, adjusting the steering stem, adjusting the handlebar position, adjusting the twistgrip, adjusting the throttle cable, rear suspension, description, damper unit, replacing springs, rear suspension data, maintenance, frame and suspension components, wheels and brakes, hubs and bearings, brakes, removing the front wheel, removing the rear wheel, checking wheel alignment, adjusting foot-rests and rear brake pedal, speedometer drive, replacement spokes, tyres, tyre removal, tyre replacement, transmission, chains, adjusting the rear chain, removing and refitting the rear chain, cleaning and lubricating the chain, alterations to length – rear chain, fitting a new rear chain, replacement chains. Power Unit: 175cc. Model 17T Two Stroke Engine and Gearbox. Operation of two stroke engine, engine assembly exploded diagram, lubrication of engine, petroil dispensing pumps, engine maintenance, locating troubles, making a preliminary check, petrol consumption, conserving petrol, decarbonisation, removing the cylinder head, removing the cylinder barrel, to remove the piston, refitting the piston, refitting the cylinder barrel, to refit the cylinder head, pilot jet air screw adjustment, clutch, clutch adjustment, dismantling the clutch – note, clutch assembly exploded diagram, to re-assemble the clutch, gearbox, to remove the gearbox cover, dismantling the kickstarter, refitting the gearbox end cover, to remove the sleeve gear sprocket, refitting the sleeve gear sprocket, to remove the gearbox internals, to assemble gearbox internals, exhaust system and silencer, ignition and lighting, the contact breaker, timing the engine, condenser, alternator, ignition failure, ignition and lighting wiring diagram, sparking plug, cleaning the plug, bridging of plug gap, emergency starting, the rectifier, battery, preparation of electrolyte, battery maintenance, headlamp, removing the light unit and headlamp rim, replacing rim and light unit, carburetter, how the carburetter works, maintenance of the carburetter, adjustment of the carburetter, cleaning.

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