Fair Stands the Wind (English Edition) por Catherine Lodge

Titulo del libro : Fair Stands the Wind (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 13, 2017
Autor : Catherine Lodge
Número de páginas : 134
Editor : Meryton Press
Fair Stands the Wind (English Edition) por Catherine Lodge

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Catherine Lodge con Fair Stands the Wind (English Edition)

We all know that, in Jane Austen’s "Pride and Prejudice," Mr. Darcy is proud and prejudiced because he is a wealthy landowner who believes himself above his company and that Elizabeth Bennet can afford to be proud and prejudiced because she believes she has the freedom to make choices for herself.

But what if Mr. Darcy is the second son, sent to sea at a young age? What if Elizabeth is trapped by circumstances with an ill father on one side and an understandably desperate mother on the other?

Meet Captain Darcy of the Royal Navy, a successful frigate captain with ample prize money and a sister for whom he needs to provide while he is at sea. Meet also Elizabeth Bennet, who needs a husband and is trying to resign herself to Mr. Collins, the worst “least worst alternative” in the history of literature.

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